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Posted by Biological Butch on February 9, 2011

Thanks for finding our site on intersex conditions.  We put this website together for a school project and decided to focus only on the most commonly diagnosed situations.

We have some hefty goals for our website and hopefully each of those is reflected in our work.


-To honestly and respectfully provide accurate information about these conditions.

-To be a resource for those affected, or who think they may be affected, by such conditions.

-To be educators.

-To encourage further exploration while helping others gain an appreciation for the complexity and intricacies of human reproduction.


-Question the standards that are typically used to judge the sex of an individual and what “normal” means to you.

-Contemplate the idea that some cultures truly honor such diversity and approach these conditions with a celebratory attitude.  It is amazing how open-minded one can become by doing this.

-Participate in our survey by providing honest opinions.  There are no right or wrong answers so please be honest.

Since we aimed to make this site not only user-friendly but also understandable to all regardless of biology backgrounds, you will find pages rather than posts to help in navigation as well as a comprehensive glossary for some of the more complex words used throughout the site.  Pictures are provided when possible, however the necessity of their graphic nature may be offensive to some so please exercise caution when navigating the website.


 We are four biology students at the University of Colorado Denver taking a senior level course in the biology of human reproduction.  Each of us hopes to have our undergraduate education result in admission to a graduate program in either medicine or dentistry.  In taking this class, it became apparent how much information there was to learn about the subject of reproduction and the amount of mind-blowing material seems never-ending.  We hope this website leads you to discover the same and makes you feel better for it!

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eye for an instant?” -Henry David Thoreau

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